Right now, I am homeschooling four children. We use an assortment of curricula. I'm kind of picky about things, and that's part of the beauty about homeschooling anyway. You can pick and choose what works best for your child. And, what I believe, is that when you get away from the idea of "cookie-cutter" style teaching (you know, where one technique is supposed to work for every child on this planet) you open yourself and your children up to the joy of learning.
Trust me, I'm not an expert at homeschooling yet. I am still learning as we go. But, as far as I see it, my children are learning just as much, or more, than I ever did. Regardless of me!

Here is a list of the curricula we use... or have on our shelves that we might use someday...

Saxon Math for Homeschoolers
Good, old-school math.

Shurley English
Good, old-school English.

Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum
We use bits and pieces of this. The first year we homeschooled, it was the only thing we used. Since then, I've branched out a bit.

Veritas Press Classical Education Curriculum
We use bits and pieces of this as well. I love the books they suggest. I also love their history cards.

A Reason For Handwriting
My children love these handwriting lessons. And they have beautiful handwriting to prove it.

Answers in Genesis
This is our science curricula. Love it.

Prima Latina
How the children learn Latin. How I pretend to know what they are talking about....

What do you use? Are there any recommendations you would make to me? I would love to hear them....