January 9, 2012


What did you do this past weekend?

We watched football.
Well, we did a few other things too.
But, we mostly watched football.

The Detroit Lions were in the playoffs again. Something that hasn't happened in many, many years. That was pure excitement for the boys in my house.
The Denver Broncos, our home team, were in the playoffs too. The boys are fans of Tim Tebow, so we had to watch.

The Lions started out strong, but ended up totally stinking. They lost. Another season done for the year, but at least the Lions football team is improving. A loss in a playoff game is way better than going 0-13 like they did a few years ago.

Watching the game exhausted Maggie. She fell asleep on our bed with dreams of next football season lingering in her head....

We knew the Broncos were going to have a favorable showing just by the sunset this past Friday. Blue and Orange.

All I can say is that watching the Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow play has sure been exciting this year. And, I don't really care if Tebow is a good quarterback or not. He's generated an excitement in the city that even people who don't like him can't deny.


And, watch out Tom Brady. We're coming for you next!

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Monique said...

We're big football fans too.

I'm embarrassed about all the gluttony and T.V. watching that goes on around here during football season :-/