January 28, 2012

Water For Elephants Book Review

I'm going to start kind of new thing on here. Mostly for my benefit. So, I guess you'll just have to suffer through it!
My Monday's will be spent on book reviews.

A few weeks ago I wrote that I had finally started reading again. Not that I couldn't read... it's just that I never made time for myself to read. And, by reading, I mean real books. Not just magazines, or cookbooks, or other people's blogs.

Real books.

It's been wonderful to lose myself in stories again.
But, the problem is, I'm losing myself in stories again!
I just can't seem to win...

One of the very first books that I chose to read was "Water For Elephants".
There are a few reasons why I chose this book. First, some of my other friends had read the novel and told me how much they loved it. Secondly, it's been on the NY Times Best Seller List for quite some time. Third, our 7-Eleven Red Box had the movie in stock. Is it just me, or does it seem that Hollywood instantly makes movies out of every best selling book that comes along?

If you are interested in reading this novel, you can go to Amazon and buy it there.

The story is that of a depression era circus. The main character is Jacob Jankowski, a young Polish boy, who is studying to be a veterinarian at Cornell. A horrible accident lands him without a home, family, or job. In his time of grief, he literally stumbles upon a circus train. And, as the hands of fate would allow, this circus family will force him to make choices that will change his life forever. It's a story that deals with the harsh realities of this time in history. Animals and people are hardly treated any differently. And, yet, it's a story of a young man that realizes this and tries his hardest to hang onto good and persevere.
I have to admit, this novel had me gritting my teeth in several places. Even though this is a work of fiction, you get the feeling that not everything is fictitious. And, I would definitely say that this book is for readers over the age of 18. No way am I letting my little Joanna read the story yet.

And, just to save you some time, I would advise against watching the movie if you decide to read the book. I was severely disappointed by the screenwriting and, although the actors/actresses did a fairly good job, they just didn't seem to quite catch the circus magic that the book held.

I give this book **** stars. It was a good work of fiction that made the characters come to life in a magical way. It held my interest in the historical descriptions given. And, more than anything, I've come to realize that I like happy endings.

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