January 13, 2012

Two Inches...

Two inches of snow is what the weather man was telling me to expect just a few days ago.

Only two inches of snow....

Well, Wednesday morning we awoke to the sound of snow blowers outside. I said, "Why would people be using their blowers when we're only supposed to get a few inches of snow?"

Obviously, there was a little bit more snow than just the two inches I was promised.
We maybe ended up with 5 inches of snow. Not a big deal, right?

Not a big deal unless you have a drive a big ole' van all the way across town for piano lessons.

We tried to do it, but ended up turning around and coming back home. The roads were not plowed (I think that the city of Denver has decided to hide their snow plows until winter is over with...) and they were super slippery.
Totally not worth us driving into a ditch or hitting another car.

And, that was just fine by the children.

When we arrived back home there was a scramble to get coats, jackets, snow pants, mittens, hats on...

So that they could get out there and shovel!!! Yes, shoveling snow is still fun when you are a little boy.

Sam, Nathanael, and Ben shoveled our driveway. And then they proceeded to go up and down the block, shoveling all of our neighbor's driveways too. Nobody asked them to, they just did it of their own accord. I was real proud of them for doing that.

I'm thinking that maybe they might be ready to take on the task of shoveling driveways for other people to earn some money.
I write that with a bit of consternation.
My little boys are growing up....

But, no matter that it's still January and we're still in the midst of Winter.
I'm starting to have visions of Spring.

Robins in the trees....

... and seed catalogs in my mailbox!

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