January 4, 2012

Time for Tea

Going to Tea

You're going out to tea today,
Be careful what you do;
Let all accounts that I shall hear,
Be pleasant ones, of you.

Don't spill your tea, or knaw your bread,
And don't tease one another;
And Fanny mustn't talk too much,
Or quarrel with her brother.

Say"if you Please," and "Thank you,"
Come home at eight O'clock;
And Ethel, pray be careful, dear,
And do not tear your frock.

Now mind your manners, children five,
Attend to what I say;
and then perhaps, I'll let you go,
Again, another day.

~Kate Greenaway

As you already know, we have four boys.
Four loud, busy, active boys.
So, when some of our friends offered to host the boys, all four of them, for a sleepover we almost jumped for joy.
I think I might have skipped to my van while they were skipping off with their friends.

I love the boys, but it's also refreshing to have a break from them occasionally.

That meant we only had five little girls at home.
Five little girls are much, much different than four little boys.

So, when I awoke from my most wonderful nap on Sunday afternoon, Adrian said, "I think we should have a tea party."
"Okay", I said.
"I think we should use the china, and a tablecloth, and maybe a five course dinner menu", was the response from my husband.
"Okay", I said.

So that's exactly what Adrian did.

He set out a nice tablecloth and googled how to set a proper table using china. 

He searched through our fridge and found all the tasty leftovers from the New Year's Eve party the night before and planned the courses.

He made placecards.All of this while wearing an apron and serving us ladies.

He made chamomille tea for Heaven's sake.

It was the best tea party that I've ever attended.
Even if we did accidently break some of our wedding china.

I love this man. And, I love his tea parties.


Heather said...

This is perhaps one of the sweetest, most wonderful things I have ever seen....

Anonymous said...

I think Adrian may have raised the bar to an all-time high.