January 3, 2012

December Happenings....

Ooops... I did it again...

How can a whole month get away from me?

I'm going to blame it on my children and the fact that they I have to feed them every few hours or they become unbearable little tyrants. Or the fact that I have a laundry pile that, on occasion, can rival Mt. Everest and then I have to strap on the oxygen mask and climb to the top of it and whittle it down to nothing. Or the fact that Advent services were in full swing, with handbell and choir practices on the same day, so that most of the afternoon was spent in a mad rush trying to get to church with some type of dinner packed so that my sweet little darlings wouldn't turn into the aforementioned tyrants who I believe could overtake governments with their crying and whining selves when they are hungry...or tired. Which means that the time I wasn't feeding them, they had to be put to bed to sleep. Or, maybe it's the fact that I have a little baby in the house that is so darn cute that when I'm not busy feeding her I find myself cooing and gooing to her in the time that I should be spending trying to find the bottom of the laundry pile. It could be that when we're not running around the house like chickens with our heads cut off, we are out enjoying a few fun moments with our friends...Or, perhaps it's the schoolwork that I tried my hardest to keep going full steam ahead until the day or two before Christmas because the longer we take breaks from schoolwork, the harder it is to get started again. Whatever it was, the month of December screamed past.

Yes, I just made a bunch of excuses why I don't get things done around here. That felt pretty good. And I hardly scratched the surface!

Okay.... enough jabbering.

Sometime early in the month we went to the circus with our friends Terri and Jeremy and their three little boys. I don't even remember when it was now, because I can hardly remember yesterday.

It was the Picadilly Circus. A small little circus crew of interesting individuals. Let me just say that I would be surprised if they didn't have their own reality show on cable.

I couldn't get a very good picture, but there are two guys on motorcycles inside this cage of death. It was pretty impressive how they went round and round and didn't crash into each other. I'm pretty sure their mother's don't know this is their full-time job....

This is the Siberian tiger that we got to see for about 20 seconds. He was having a bad day and acted like he really wanted to get out of that cage and eat everyone around him.

There was a circus clown too. The kids thought he was pretty funny. I'm not sure about it though. Clowns are just kind of creepy...

This was another bizarro act. He was balancing on all these trays with some rubber ball underneath of him. I'm sure it's hard to do, but just interesting that this fellow had obviously spent hours and hours of his life to balance on top of a little rubber ball. But, it's the circus, right? So, I shouldn't have been surprised to see that the next act was just as crazy and weird...

This couple did tricks that you see ice skaters do except that they were on roller skates and their "ice rink" consisted of a space as big as a small trampoline. Yes. You read that right. How they didn't get dizzy and puke all over each other is beyond me. But, Terri and I concluded that this lady must have a great chiropractor.

This was the best part. Elephants. Not just any Asian elephant mind you, but ones that could sit on a tiny stool. Now that was impressive!

Later in the week, Titus did a little snuggling with Renata. He really likes to snuggle with babies on the couch. I think I might have a picture of him with each of the children in this very same position.

Another of our friends, Robin, made these adorable hair barrettes for the girls. I think she needs to open her own Etsy shop.

We had a lot of snow in Denver, right before Christmas, and that was pretty fun for the children. Even Annie got dressed in all her snow gear to enjoy the fresh powder.

Renata and I had another photo session before Christmas. She likes to pose for the camera I think. Smiley. Sassy. Stoic.

We put our Christmas tree up on Christmas Eve. Yes, it makes for a chaotic morning, but I really love doing it that way. The children are always super excited to decorate!

Our friends from Germany, Tim and Shannon, were able to be at church with us on Christmas Eve. That was pretty special. Their little girl is just a doll.

 Of course, lots of our other friends were at church on Christmas Eve as well. These two are nothing but trouble I tell you..... TROUBLE!

Our family Christmas picture. Adrian thinks we all look a bit scary. Regardless, we're all accounted for and somewhat looking in the same direction.

Our wedding anniversary is two days after Christmas. The children had been planning on making us a nice breakfast meal for weeks. Joanna even made a list, with all their  duties on it, and then had them sign it. This was serious stuff.
So, the night before our anniversary, Adrian posted the list on the hallway wall and reminded them that they all had signed it! Sure enough, in the morning, we were greeted with pancakes, bacon, smoothies and fresh coffee.
Our kids are pretty great.

  Our friend Dixie made this. I think she could open her own Etsy store too.

We ended the month, and the year, with a little party at our house. Everyone from church was invited and we had quite a crowd! It was a perfect way to end the year, being surrounded by our friends that we love and care about.

May each of you have a prosperous and blessed New Year!!!!


Katie Fiene said...

What great kids you have! I'm not sure my three will ever think about making us breakfast...anniversary or not.

Linda said...

Your three boys are great as well! And, I'm sure that when they get older, they will learn to make breakfast too. After all, boys like to eat... and eat... and eat...
I think that's the biggest motivation for my fellas!