January 19, 2012

24 Hour Visit...

My family (meaning my brother Roger, his wife Brenda, and my mom) made a whirlwind trip this past weekend to visit us.

There was a bunch of tickling going on. In between football games, of course.

There were babies to be held and "oohed" and "ahhed" over. Sorry mom, you came out a bit blurry in this picture. Guess I need to work on that...

Maggie found Aunt Brenda to be especially snugly. I think Maggie might have gone back home with Aunt Brenda if she would have offered!

Their trip was twofold, really. They came out to visit us. But, the main reason for their trip was to deliver to my parent's old dining room table and china cabinet to our house.

Since my brother has a big truck and his own trailer... well, he was gracious enough to offer to bring the furniture out to us. I really can't seem to find the words to thank them enough for doing that. It really meant so much to me.

After they unloaded my mom's furniture, then they loaded some of our stuff to take to mom's house. Thinking back on that, and noticing now all the room there was in the trailer, I probably should have tried to send back more stuff!!!

We ended the day with some pizza and games with the kids.

I'm not sure who won this game, Ben or Uncle Roger. It might have been a tie...

Sunday morning they had to get on the road back home. We were sad to see them go, but happy to get in one more picture before they took off!

Good-bye Uncle Roger! Good-bye Aunt Brenda! Good-bye Grandma!!!!
We miss you and hope that you find your way out here again soon!

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