November 1, 2011


Halloween is one of my least favorite days of the whole year. I'm just being honest.

I dislike the whole premise of Halloween and it's Satanic background. It's a day that causes Christians grief, because we know the history of this dumb day. Unfortunately, our children are swayed because they like to dress up in costumes and collect candy. I don't blame them. I used to like the whole candy collection thing myself when I was little.

At our house, we always try to refer to Halloween as Reformation Day, because that is something that we, as Lutheran's, can be really happy about. It's really something that the whole church of Christ can be happy about. The nailing of the 95 theses started to bring Christ back to the people.

The children have tried saying, "Happy Reformation Day!" when they collect their candy, but it doesn't solicit the same effect as "Trick or Treat!". And, I've stopped fretting over the whole thing. But, I still don't like Halloween.

Regardless, we spent the day yesterday getting ready for the festivities. The children carved their pumpkins with some help from daddy. I just do not have the patience and ability to focus on the carving of the pumpkins these days... perhaps some day that ability will come back to me.

They looked rather awesome, don't you think? I loved the big teeth that they carved.

We invited some of our members to come out candy gathering in our neighborhood with us. We had a huge mob!

They look fairly impressive themselves, don't they? We had Annie Oakley, Davy Crockett, a Spanish Matador, the Pink Panther and Inspector Crusoe, Peter Pan, a Princess, a Puppy and a Pumpkin.
Then, all the children's little friends and our friends, Rich and Debbie, who were dressed as Big Bird and his shadow. Debbie MADE their costumes!!! I was so impressed, I couldn't help talking about it all night long! Big Bird was 9 feet tall (he was on stilts!). It was just the coolest costumes I'd ever seen!

The children came home with bags and bags full of candy last night. Most of them went to bed with tummy aches. Nobody has asked for Halloween candy today....  I guess it's my responsibility to take care of the stuff.

Zee you water.... my mouf iz full of taffy.....ummm... znickers.....