October 31, 2011

Searching For The Great Pumpkin

I loved the Charlie Brown movies when I was little. I still like them. Nostalgia takes over and I have the children watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" every year before we carve up our own great pumpkins.

Really, how can you not just love the whole Lucy and Linus dialogue? You want to watch the whole movie now, don't you?

Well, we went on our own search this year for the perfect pumpkins (since Titus lovingly killed most all our pumpkin vines...) at Rock Creek Farm. Grandma Sherrill was still here, and it was a beautiful fall day.

Isn't this view just breathtaking? Acres and acres of pumpkins to look through, with glistening, snow-capped mountains for a backdrop on a crisp, sunny Colorado morning.

Peter, Maggie, Susie, Ben and Annie showing Renata the pumpkins they've chosen. It's never too early to start looking for the great pumpkin...

Peter ran all over the field, looking for just the right pumpkin. He ended up deciding to get a little pie pumpkin because the others were too heavy to carry out of the field and it took too long to try and roll one out...

It was so fun to have Grandma Sherrill here with us and be able to take her with us to the pumpkin fields.

There were bouncy castles for the kids to jump in and hay bale mazes for the kids to jump over...

Isn't Joanna getting tall? She has been such a great help to me lately. She took Maggie and Annie over to see the animals.

Here is our "fall display" in our kitchen window. Notice the snow in the backyard. Yes, we've already had 6 inches of snow. Right now it's all melted away, but I hear that we may have another winter blast headed our way this week.

This is Joanna's swan gourd. It was one of the few things that survived in our backyard this year. We thought it was pretty neat looking!

And, thanks to an old Martha Stewart Living magazine, we have little mice that now adorn our stairs and baseboards. Joanna and Susie spent a whole day cutting these little rodents out. They drive our cat crazy!


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Anonymous said...

Tell the girls, "well-done" on the rodents! I remember that Martha Stewart issue. That pumpkin patch is indeed breath-taking.