September 27, 2011

Under Construction

For my past three pregnancies, every time that I've reached about 38 weeks, my husband decides to do a remodeling project in the house. I think it's his way of nesting.

With Maggie, it was the addition of our front porch. I was excited to have it being done, but the construction and chaos that came with it was a little much. Thankfully, the project was going on outside of the house, so the mess stayed pretty much in the outdoors and garage.

With Annie, it was the total destruction of the kids bathroom and complete makeover. Again, I was excited to have it done... especially since our kitchen ceiling was leaking and falling in due to water damage from the old bathroom floor. However, since this project was inside the house, it was chaos. And messy. Drywall dust everywhere, grout cement being tracked up and down the stairs, drills and hammers and other odds and ends pieces of tools laying all over the place. It took weeks to clean up after the job was done, which also took a few weeks longer to complete than what we had originally thought. All in all, I vowed never again to undertake a remodeling project during my last weeks of pregnancy.

But, here we are again. In the midst of fixing something in our house. And, this time, I think I might have started it.
We have the boys bedroom comletely torn apart. Bunk beds taken down and gone for good. Carpet ripped out and the walls given a fresh coat of paint. But, it hasn't been so bad this time. Probably because we haven't really started the "construction" part yet. Wood flooring will go in (anyone with kids will tell you that carpet in a kids bedroom is just an accident waiting to happen, especially during flu season) and bunk beds will be eventually built-in. The boys are excited. I'm excited. This is something we knew would have to be addressed eventually, especially since our bedroom space keeps getting squeezed a little tighter every other year.

So, I'm not going to complain this time about remodeling. I'm going to embrace the mess and try to just simply look forward to the finished product.
And, in the meantime, do my "nesting" around the chaos that is going on upstairs.
The children are having a great time with the mattresses being strewn all over the place. They've been working on their gymnastics. It's great fun.

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Katie Fiene said...

I feel for you. I have done this to myself all three times. Hans has a picture of me sanding down a dresser (with a mask on, of course) just two days before I gave birth to John.