September 7, 2011


Susie's birthday was the day after we arrived home. But, since we were still with family that week, she was fortunate enough to not just celebrate once... but three times!

The first celebration was with the Sherrill clan. Aunt Andrea made this sincerely cute cake, that looked like a package all wrapped up and decorated with M&M's. Sadly enough, I didn't get a picture! How did that happen? I must have either been pouting about having to leave or busy eating the cake and ice cream... Regardless, I need Tina or Ann to send me those pictures!
The cake and ice cream were delicious, by the way.

The second celebration was with the Nemitz clan. Aunt Sue made Susie a Ho-Ho cake. I had never had one of these before, but have always heard my family talk about it. (Since we live far away, we miss out on all of the wonderful cakes that Aunt Sue makes... except not this time!)

It was a chocolate cake, with Twinkies frosting on the inside and outside.... and it was good. So good that I'm pretty sure I ate way too much of it. It was decorated with little flip-flops, which is totally Susie. She is a flip-flop girl.

Thanks Aunt Sue for the beautiful and delicious birthday cake!

The third, and final, celebration was at our house. Susie wanted ravioli. And, since we had already eaten lots of cake in the previous days, we decided on just having ice cream.

Happy 8th Birthday to Susie Q, Susie Sweet-Tooth, Susie with the big dimple. We love you!!!!

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Shannon M. said...

Oh my goodness, Suse is turning into such a beautiful young lady. I love the last 2 pictures of her. I think I missed sending her birthday wishes. Love from Germany!!