September 14, 2011


On Monday, my friend Jan and I headed off to a vegetable farm (where you pick your own, to your heart's delight) with our eldest girls.
We really just brought the girls along as extra slave labor. They were there to WORK!

I have no pictures to show from this event, other than the few that Jan snapped with her camera phone that shows the plentiful bounty we came home with.
I think I might be glad about that.
There were certain points, out pickin' in the fields (I think I distinctly remember a moment in the patch of cabbages) when Jan laughed and declared, "Now I need to take a picture of that!"
Trying to bend over a huge cabbage plant trying to rip a cabbage off the stalk that was bigger than a basketball.
Trying to scramble after potatoes as the farmer was digging them up with his machine. Believe me, it was a scramble. There were some other people there who were also anxious about getting the best potatoes... they were in their 70's and I almost thought about knocking them over. It was do or die out there in the fields.
Trying to pull huge leeks out of the ground.
Running through irrigation drips just to get to the very best corn.
Digging in dirt like mad men, a race against time to get as many onions as humanly possible.
Or, just me. Bending over. That was hard work.

We came home with a vehicle full of produce. So much so, that the girls found themselves buried under piles of produce. Next time, we need to go with a semi-trailer.
We were also filthy. And sweaty. And downright exhausted.

It's taken me two days to recover from that morning, but I'm finally starting to make some headway in storing all that stuff. It's just been a tad bit overwhelming. Mostly because of this....

I scored about 3 dozen ears of sweet corn, 50 walla walla onions, 5 celery plants, 1 bag of beets, 2 garbage bags full of carrots, 30 lbs. russet potatoes, 6 leeks, 5 cabbages bigger than big, 25 lbs. tomatoes, 20 lbs. green beans, 3 lbs. white onions, and a bunch of Indian corn that the girls had to have.
Now double that (because Jan took half the produce) and you have a good idea of what the car looked like as we were driving home.

Jan and I are wanting to send our husbands back again. Because, if I go, there is a good chance this baby is going to be born in dusty field in Platteville, Colorado.
My body just can't take any more bending over these days....
But, it was so much fun, and so rewarding to have all of this wonderful, fresh produce sitting around just begging to be put up for the winter months, that I think we'll definitely be doing this again next year!

Now, back to the kitchen... where the next few days are going to be spent chopping, blanching, canning, freezing, eating.


JAN said...

Ha! That was such a fun day. We should go back again. I think I need some more onions and potatoes. What about that extra large man racing to the potatoes before we could get to them? AHH!!!

Linda said...

Yes! More onions and potatoes! Let's send the boys.