September 7, 2011

The Long Trek Home

Remember how I said that I didn't want to leave Michigan? Well, I wasn't lying. I really, really didn't want to leave.
And, even more than that, I really, really didn't want to get back into that van again for a long 12 hour drive to Iowa. But, since I also didn't want to be stranded and since I felt the need to stay with my family, I got back into that van.
But, only because I love them.

Thankfully, Adrian knew how unpleasant the van drive was for me, and mercifully stopped for a break every few hours.
We stopped to get some peaches and apples from a Farmer's Market off the highway in Michigan. I love Farmer's Markets. If we had more space in the van, I might've loaded it up with produce. Adrian would tell you that, in reality, we did load the van up... because we ended up hauling a bushel of peaches back to Colorado with us! Red Haven Michigan peaches. Almost as good as the ones from Palisade.

Our next stop was in Chicago. We had to stop there, because we didn't get a chance to have a Chicago Dog when we were in town the week before. So, we stopped at a little joint called, "Portillo's". Best dogs in town, if you ask me.

The lady behind the counter would yell out your order number, something like this, "Forty-nine, Right on time!" or "Eighty-eight, No more wait!".

A Chicago dog, a chili dog and some other type of dog with grilled onions (which were oh so good) on it. I've never eaten a hot dog this good before. I don't even typically like hot dogs, but this place made me change my mind.

And, if you really love the dogs, you can have them shipped to you. I think that might be a little crazy to do, but I did bring the order form home with me!

This is pretty much what the rest of our trip home looked like. The children were exhausted, and I think so were Adrian and I... but it was totally worth it!
I >heart< vacations!!!! Viva Vacations!!!!

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