September 8, 2011

Continuing Education Class

Last week was a bit of a blur.

You know how it is when you come home after vacation, right? I always feel like we stay in a bit of "post-vacation" blah for a few days, before the reality of life comes crashing down on us again.

Well, this time we didn't even capture a few days to recover before we had to have the reality check. It came the moment we walked through the door. Bags to be unpacked, laundry put away, mail to be gone through, produce in the garden to be picked, peaches that needed attention... along with children that needed attention.
Somehow, miraculously, we pulled it off in just one weekend. I think the hand of God was mingled in there somewhere.
We had to get these things taken care of, you see, before the next week started because Adrian was taking a Continuing Education course in Castle Rock with Prof. John Kleinig from Australia. It was going to be a busy week.

It turned out to be a wonderful week. I wouldn't have even been able to imagine on Monday how nice of a week it was going to be for our family.
While Adrian spent the days in class, the children and I worked in the garden and the kitchen, getting things canned and tucked away for the winter. We also managed to get the house in some type of order and keep up with laundry. The only thing I wasn't able to finish were lesson plans, of which I am now having to tackle this week. (Yuck!)

This is a picture of what we accomplished in one week's time. Pickles, peaches, tomatoes, salsa, jelly. A pretty good start. We still have plenty left to do, trust me, but I feel much better knowing that at least we have a few things for our pantry.

In the mid-afternoons, we would hang up our aprons and head down to Castle Rock to enjoy the evening socials hosted by Pastor Macina's family and Pastor Ziegler and his wife, Carolyn. We had a wonderful time visiting not only with these Pastor's, but also with other Pastor's who were taking the class and their families. And, of course, Prof. Kleinig and his lovely wife, Claire.
Our children had a great time playing with the other children. It made me realize, again, that I need to be better about getting together with some of these other Pastor's families. We tend to get so busy with our own schedules, and busy with school, and busy with church activities, that I entirely forget about anyone else. The only problem is, we all live in this direction and that direction.... it takes planning and then the fortitude to spend your day driving across Denver.
Adrian and I even made time during this past week to have a date. At an actual restaurant. All by ourselves. It was marvelous and strange. It was so quiet. And what did we talk about in that quiet time that we had together? The children, of course!

Adrian thoroughly enjoyed the class. I heard every evening about what he had learned, about what new piece of scripture had stirred his heart. It was encouraging for him, and for me as well. I know that, in the midst of daily church life, he gets very little time to actually just sit and study for a good period of time without interruptions. Pastor's need pastoral care and advice sometimes as well. I think these Continuing Education classes are vital to these men for not only learning, but also for the chance to listen and grow spiritually themselves.

Perhaps the nicest part of the week for me, however, was getting the chance to visit with the Kleinig's. They are a lovely couple. I love them. The children loved them.
They were both very kind to our family, even when Peter shot Prof. Kleinig with a Nerf dart bullet, smack in the middle of his forehead! He fell over and played dead... it was mortifying for Adrian and I, but I think they found it funny. That's a classic Peter moment, by the way.

So, we have new pen pals in Australia, and perhaps even a new place to vacation to, if we ever get the chance. I hope the Kleinig's knew what they were getting themselves into when the invitation was extended to us....

Last week was a beautiful week for our family to spend together. We all left with a joyful countenance, one that I hope continues to grow and mature this year.

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