September 28, 2011


It's that time of year again!

Apple Pickin' Time!

Last year, our apple tree had a bumper crop. We picked laundry baskets full of apples. I don't really know how many bushels a laundry basket translates into, but we had a bunch. I was peeling, coring, slicing, cooking and canning apples like crazy. I made so much applesauce that I was sure we would never eat it all.

I was wrong.

We ate every bit of that applesauce. And, pretty efficiently too. I don't even think we hardly made it into Spring before our applesauce stores had been depleted.

So, this year, I was again hoping for a bumper apple crop.
Our tree did okay, but it didn't have quite as many apples on as last year. However, our next door neighbors, the ones with the apple tree that I was eyeballing last year, asked us to come and please pick their apples. I said, "Absolutely!", not really thinking about what time of year apples are in harvest. Remember, I'm due to have a baby in less than a week now....

And, then, because our children are entrepreneurs, they decided to scour the neighborhood for apple trees.
Our neighborhood is apparently full of fruit trees.

The older four children decided to ride their bikes around a few blocks close to our house and see what they could find. After finding an apple tree laden with fruit, they decided to see if the people would let them pick the tree. Not being shy at all, Joanna politely rang the doorbell and asked the nice couple if her and her siblings could please pick their apples. They said, "YES!", because I don't think many people these days like to bother with picking those apple trees. Only us.
So, yesterday, Adrian and the five older kids went on over to this house. They picked apples non-stop. They came home with buckets and buckets full. I'm guessing they maybe picked 5 bushel of apples.

They really are beautiful looking apples. And they taste pretty fantastic as well. Adrian and the kids worked really hard to bring these all back to the house.

But, while they were busy picking apples, another neighbor came over and said, "You need to try my apples." So, Adrian and the children went over to this other house and had a bite of his apples. Then, he proceeded to ask if they could please pick his tree as well!
So, on Monday, Adrian and the children will be headed over to this other house to pick their apples. Then, we still have to pick the apples off our tree and the neighbor's tree directly behind us. I'm guessing that, in the end, we will have well over 12 bushels of apples at our house.
And, remember, I'm due to deliver this baby any day.

I hope the Grandma's are reading this. Because, they will most likely be the ones helping me to make this into applesauce!!!

So, if you are interested in any good apple recipes, keep watching for posts. Because I have a feeling that my next week or so will be full of apple-ish things.

Unless, of course, I have this baby....

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