August 30, 2011


The second leg of our vacation brought us to the windy city of Chicago.
Chicago was actually the reason for this whole vacation, as our good friend Dave was getting married there.

So, we packed up the van and headed out of Iowa into Illinois.

We stopped at quite a few rest areas, mainly due to me. I think this is the only trip that I've had to yell out, before the children, "I need to stop at the next bathroom!" Regardless, it was also helpful for us all to get out and stretch our legs a little bit. One of the rest areas we stopped at in Illinois had this cool teeter totter that fit all of the children on it.

Due to the many stops along the way from Iowa to Chicago, we didn't arrive to our hotel until close to dinner time. We called up our good friend Dave and asked him where we should meet him for some Chicago style pizza. He said, "Giordano's", and we said "Yay!"

This might just be the best pizza joint in the whole world. It was soooo good.

The children were excited to be there as well. They were hungry, so we gave them crayons to eat before the pizza arrived. Not really, Annie just likes to chew on crayons. You should see all of the crayons at our house with bite marks out of them. 

Here is the groom-to-be, Dave, with Than. Adrian joked with Dave that this was his "Bachelor's Party". The children took that to heart and when we returned home from vacation they announced to our friends and neighbors that they attended a bachelor party in Chicago. I had a little explaining to do...

This was one of our cheese pizzas. It was so cheesy and saucy and cheesy. It's making me hungry right now looking at it. Ben ate three pieces! He ate more than any of us and I don't really know how he did it.  

Here are the guys saying goodnight for the evening. Dave had a big weekend to get ready for and we still had to get settled into our hotel room. But, at least we had full bellies and a little bit of leftover pizza to take home with us!

By the time we arrived at the hotel, the children were ready for bed. We had a pretty awesome hotel room suite, complete with a kitchenette, living room, two bedrooms, and three televisions! The kids thought that was pretty awesome.
But, it was time for bed and the cartoons had to wait for the next day. We had a full weekend of wedding festivities ahead of us!

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