August 3, 2011

All-Star Baseball

Honestly, I shouldn't even be posting about this. Because, I have really no idea of what I am writing about... other than the fact that Sam, Nathanael, and Ben participated in it. Or, at least Sam showed up for it. More details on that later.

Adrian took the three oldest boys last Saturday to the Legends for Youth Kids Clinic presented by Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association.
Sam and Than went last year and had a pretty good time. This year, Ben was old enough to participate.

Saturday was a real hot day, as you can tell from this guy guzzling down the water.
The clinic was hosted at the Coca-Cola All-Star Park in Lakewood, Colorado. It's only a mile or so away from our house and a pretty sweet baseball field for little boys to play on.

The boys were divided into their age groups and then they started doing drills.

Doesn't Ben look like a natural out there? He was pretty geeked to be able to participate this year with his older brothers. Or, at least one older brother.
Sam went out on the field that morning, only to turn around and get sick. Thankfully, there was a nice MLB intern out on the field that was there to help him as he puked. I'm sure that wasn't listed in her job description, but she was right there nonetheless. 

One of the boys friends, Andrew, was also there to participate in the clinic. Don't these boys just look like All-Star players?

The guys had a great time and even got a few signatures from some of the retired MLB players. I'm sure we'll be back next year!

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