July 8, 2011

Swim Team

"Don't mess, don't mess, don't mess with the best 'cause the best don't mess. Don't fool, don't fool, don't fool with the cool 'cause the cool don't fool. Don't mess with the best, don't fool with the cool, don't bite my apple, don't shake my tree... 'cause I'm a BEAR... don't mess with me! GRRRR!!!!"

Joanna joined the swim team this summer. It's been challenging for her, but she has determination. She wasn't about to give up. And, I'm glad that she has kept with it. Her swimming is improving and she's met some nice little friends.  
They meet every morning, bright and early, to practice for an hour. It's a tremendous workout. The swim meets are on Fridays. They start before the sun comes up at 6:30am and last until about noon. It's an exhausting morning.  

Her team is the Bear Creek Bears. They are a little team compared to some other swim clubs, but I'm glad for that. I think it has given Joanna a chance to improve without feeling pressure to be a champion swimmer.

This morning was her last home swim meet for the summer. It was hot and humid. I almost thought about pretending to be on the team, just so I could get in the pool.

Here she is, ready to dive in! I'm pretty sure that I could never hold that position at this point in my life... unless you told me I'd receive chocolate in return. Then, maybe I'd give it a try.

Joanna swam the freestyle, the backstroke, the breaststroke, and a relay. Her coach told me, "Her backstroke is so graceful. Now, if only we can get some speed behind it!" Too funny!

I love how their heads bob up and down in the water when they do the breaststroke. I really wanted to get a picture of Joanna coming up for a breath, but they all turned out a little out of focus.

This was Joanna's last race of the day. It was the relay race. Our team came in last, but they all did really well. I was proud of Joanna!

Now, the rain clouds have moved in and the thunder is bellowing outside. I guess it's off the library and then back home for naps. I think I might need one more than anybody!

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Shannon M. said...

A bit more confidence and a touch of her parents will to win, she'll be a force to reckon with! Great Job Joanna!