July 15, 2011


We're growing 'shrooms in our backyard. That's right. We are hip and cool...

Actually, these mushrooms are growing all over the place by the end of our wood pile. And, we really don't want them there. But I guess it's a moist and happy place for them to be.
I'm a little afraid the children are going to try and eat them, so I keep knocking them over and smooshing them with my shoes. I don't think they are probably edible. I don't really care to find out if they are edible, because then my children might start eating every mushroom they see growing somewhere.

When I was a child, the only place that I saw mushrooms grow were in cow patties. It made them pretty undesirable for me to eat for many, many years. I can still envision cow pattie mushrooms out in the pasture.
Thankfully, I'm pretty sure the FDA doesn't let people harvest cow pattie mushrooms to eat.

I've told the girls that the fairies live under the mushroom caps. So, maybe I shouldn't smoosh so many. They might start to think I'm a fairy killer.

We've had so much rain lately, that I suppose the mushrooms will stick around for a while... That is, until it gets hot and dry again here.

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