July 14, 2011


Crushed ice was falling from the sky yesterday afternoon.
I've been wondering if we could bypass all these rain storms in Colorado lately without suffering the effects of hail. Apparently not. Bummer.

We were driving home from the pool yesterday afternoon when the rain started. Adrian was riding his bike home. He was glad, then, when the van pulled next to him just as the hail started. He jumped in the van and we drove up the street with his bike hanging out the side doors.
This weather has been crazy!

As soon as the first hail storm ended, the rain would pick up and the hail would start in again! I told the children to go play in the rain at one point, because it was just falling in sheets. Straight down. Our gutters in the street couldn't handle the torrent of rain. They flooded the bottom of our street... but they were so fun to splash through!

I couldn't bring myself to look at our garden afterwards. We had three separate showers of hail and, although it wasn't huge hail, I was afraid it would do a number on our plants.

This morning, our friends Bob and Dixie came over to see what the damage was to our garden.
Now, you know these are good friends when they are concerned about your garden! I went out to see what was left of our beautiful veggies. It wasn't quite as bad as I had anticipated.

Our cucumbers were a little wimpy this morning. But, they weren't shredded to pieces like a few years ago. I think they will make a comeback.

Some of our tomato plants were shredded at the top. But, I think having our garden at the side of our house helped shelter them a little bit. It could've been worse. Only a few limbs were broken off.

First of all, doesn't my cabbage look fantastic? They are about ready to pick. I don't know exactly what the difference is this year from last year, but I'm loving it!
Anyway, the cabbage have little hail dents in them.

And my zucchini leaves have loads of holes in them. If anything was destroyed, it would've been okay for the zucchini to go. I've already picked a ton of zucchini and am beginning to feel like this plant is a weed!!! But, alas, I'm afraid that it has escaped death.

Our pumpkins, however, didn't fare too well. They line the back yard fence, and obviously received some good hail damage. It makes me so sad, because they were doing so well! I don't know if they'll be able to pull through or not...

Hopefully this will be our one and only hail storm for the year. At least our roof wasn't shredded and windows weren't broken this time. Always something to be thankful for!

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