July 21, 2011

Germans Do It Bigger

Our good friends, Tim and Shannon, live in Germany. Yes, the country of Germany. Although we miss them dearly, and are anxiously awaiting their return to the United States, it's been kind of fun to have them in Germany. Mainly because they send us chocolate.
Yum. German chocolate.

Periodically, usually around Birthday Season and Holidays, we hug the UPS delivery person for bringing us a package from Germany. Why? Because we know there are some confections wrapped up inside for us to eat.

So, yesterday, when the postman delivered a package to our front door from Germany, we were shocked. No Birthday's. No Holiday's. Could we still be fortunate enough to find chocolate inside?

You bet. What wonderful friends! Chocolate was indeed nestled inside some baby clothes. (Thank you Shannon for the baby items). And, thank you for the goodies. Some candy for the children and some chocolate for Adrian and I. Or, maybe just me? I don't know... I've already opened the package and I'm not sure I can stop myself from eating it all.

Anyway, chocolate from Germany is divine. There is something so totally different about it from American chocolate. It's sweet, but not too sweet. It's creamy. It's silky. Yes, chocolate can be silky. And it's addictive. I have a really hard time not eating it all at once.

Chocolate bars from Germany are also huge. Or, maybe it's just the ones that Tim and Shannon send us. Regardless, I've come to believe that Germans just like to do things bigger. Like chocolate bars.

Check it out. This is the latest piece of chocolatey goodness that we've received.

Now, this is, believe it or not, almost life size. This confection was huge. A big, huge chocolate covered graham cracker. A graham cracker on steroids. It puts our itty, bitty Keebler Grahams to shame.

There were layers of chocolate that I had to bite through. Layers of rich, silky, melt-in-your-mouth delightfulness.

The Germans call it a "Butter Biscuit". I think it needs a more appropriate name. Like "Monster Graham" or "Mongo Choco" or something...

Have you ever watched an episode of the cartoon Kipper? You know, he and his friends (Tiger and Pig), really enjoy biscuits. And, I never got the gist of why they were desirous of biscuits. But, now I know. They must have been eating these Butter Biscuits! Totally makes sense. I'd take them along on every picnic I had too!!! If you have no idea what I'm talking about here, you're missing out on some seriously good cartoon watching. You gotta go, right now, and check out a Kipper video for your kids from the library.

Thank you again, Tim and Shannon, for surprising us with a wonderful gift. We miss you tons. You are definitely worth more to us than even the best chocolate from Germany. So, hurry and get back here! Just don't forget to pack an extra bar of Butter Biscuits for me!

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Shannon M. said...

It was a 'just because' box. I haven't kept up with the birthdays this year but I'd been thinking of you guys. So even though the chocolate bar melted just a bit, I'm glad it was a surprise.