July 11, 2011


Pregnant women have cravings for certain things during their pregnancy. True or False?

Well, I used to believe that was all totally untrue. Just something that pregnant ladies made up so that if they wanted to have chocolate ice cream at midnight they could blame the caloric intake on "cravings". I used to believe it was untrue, until I became pregnant. Then, the strangest thing happened.... I would become unbelievably hungry at the oddest hours. Like midnight. And I would hunger for absolutely horrid items, like frozen pizza and caramel brownies.
Unfortunately, for Adrian and myself, during my second pregnancy we lived in an apartment directly across the street from a grocery store. If I wanted a Tombstone pizza at 1:00am, all we had to do was get our shoes on and run across the road to the market. It was no wonder then, when Joanna was born, that she weighed in at a whopping 9lbs. 5oz., and Adrian and I had to do some serious post-baby dieting to fit into our clothes again.

I've run the gauntlet with food cravings and aversions during my pregnancies. There never seems to be an "it" food for me, because my cravings have been different each time I've been pregnant. From frozen pizza and caramel brownies, to crushed ice, Spicy Nacho Doritos, Bean Burritos drenched with pico de gallo and ranch dressing, celery sticks, french fries, peanut butter and watermelon. When I list them all off like that, it sounds disgusting. But, just remember, I've never craved them all at the same time.

Food cravings are strange, because sometimes you feel like you'd do almost anything to just get to eat that one thing. When I was pregnant with Sam, my love for crushed ice was intense. And it wasn't just any crushed ice, it had to be the crushed ice that came from the hospital ice machine. You know, the kind they give you when you're in labor. The little, teeny ice pieces that are super easy to crunch and don't hurt your teeth or give you a brain freeze. I had easy access to the ice machine, and it was a bad thing. That is probably one of the reasons I had to have a root canal after he was born.

With Maggie, my love for Spicy Nacho Doritos was pretty intense too. Even my friends knew that if they came over to our house, I would most definitely have a bag opened. And, most likely, I never offered to share with them!
With Annie, my craving was a bit more healthy. I ate celery like it was milk chocolate. I couldn't get enough. One day, I ate almost a whole bag of celery before I stopped myself. Now, I have trouble eating the stuff, unless it has peanut butter on it.

This time around, my food of choice has been watermelon and peanut butter. Not together, like a watermelon and peanut butter sandwich, but seperately. I think it's mostly because both of these foods are easy access. It's a lazy woman's pregnancy craving. I don't have to do any work, other than open the lid to the jar of Skippy, or get out the big knife and slice into a fresh watermelon. It's easy and refreshing and the children like it too!

So, now that I've bored you to death with a long read about my food cravings, please feel free to enjoy the rest of your day. And, just remember, if you're out and about and have the chance to stop by our house.... bring a watermelon with you!!!!

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