July 7, 2011


Our littlest, Annie, refuses to walk.
At first, it was no big deal. She is the baby after all. Except for the fact that she won't be the baby in a few months. Which means, she should be embracing toddlerhood right now. She should be walking!
After all, she just turned 16 months old.

She really hates it when we try to make her stand up. Adrian thought maybe if he gave her chubby legs some support that she would try it.
Never mind the fact that she climbs onto everything and cruises around furniture in the house. She can even zoom around the baby pool in her little floaty... just don't try to make her stand up on dry land and walk.

She gives you a look of desperation. Please, someone, come save me from this torture!

This is what happens if you try to hold her hands and make her walk with you. She throws a fit and refuses to let her feet touch the ground. It's pretty effective against walking.

I'm not sure if this little girl is going to be walking before summer ends or not. I know that one of the main reasons she doesn't have motivation to walk on her own is that there are lots of people around (aka older siblings) to carry her wherever she wants to go. 

For now, apparently she is content with being the baby in the family. And, I suppose that is okay. Because, really, don't we all wish, just a little bit, to be taken care of by others?

Maybe tomorrow I'll pretend not to be able to walk and see if Adrian will carry me around everywhere.
I'll let you know how that goes...


Shannon M. said...

Even though they're all different, I see a lot of similarities. Princess Maggie refused to walk too. Maybe we should place bets on if Ellarae will walk before Annie.

Angelique said...

Just make sure that when you decide not to walk you just peed, are somewhere comfortable with plenty to eat and drink, and have something to read or watch on TV! :)

Linda said...

Shannon, I'm putting my money on Ellarae! I don't think Annie will walk before this baby comes.
Angelique, where are the astronaut diapers when you need them? :)