June 22, 2011

Baby Shower

This past weekend two other girls and I hosted a baby shower for a good friend.

Our color scheme was green and pink. Is it obvious? I love the crepe paper balls hanging from the ceiling. I think I have a new, weird obsession with them.

We decided to have a mid-morning party to make it stand out a little from every other baby shower. Mini muffins were one of the items on our serving table.

So were fresh fruit kabobs.... on mini skewers. We had to make it "mini" because it's a baby shower, remember?

One of the ladies made these cute pretzel sticks. Cute. That's a total baby shower vocabulary word.

The other one of our gals purchased a cake and cupcakes from Whole Foods. The cake had fresh berries in the middle. Fruitalicious! And, the cupcakes were soooo good. Pistachio icing for the green with a vanilla cupcake and strawberry icing for the pink on a strawberry cupcake. They were beautiful.

Of course, there was some booze available. We couldn't skip that, right? Champagne next to the orange juice for Mimosas. This baby shower was first class the whole way!

These were the favors that we made for the tables. They are paper strawberries filled with homemade mints. I had so much fun making these that I'm going to have to host another party just so I can make the favors! They were so cute!!!! (There I go again, using my baby shower vocab word of the day.)

The girl who came up with the favor idea also made this banner for the new mommy. It was beautiful. I wish that I had half of her creativity and vision when it comes to working with paper....

These are frozen babies. I know, I know... a little creepy. But, in my humble opinion, it was a rockin' baby shower game.
First, you need to buy little babies at a craft store and put them in an ice cube tray. Freeze 'em and then, when you're ready to play the game, pop 'em out of the freezer tray. Give each person a frozen baby. The first one whose "water breaks", which means, the first one to get their baby out of the ice cube, wins.
I had visions of this game taking forever to declare a winner, but people were creative. The first water broke in less than 3 minutes!!!!

It was a happy, fun-filled morning. The food was nice, the company was great, and the gift giving was supreme.

Congratulations to our friends, Nathan and Elisabeth, who are due to welcome their new little one into the world soon!!!

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Shannon M. said...

Thanks for the pictures! Bummed I missed it of course. I love the colors and the morning idea.