June 1, 2011

Picnic Table Extraordinaire

Our church is under construction right now. We are in the middle of renovating the sanctuary, which first meant some demolition and now the guys are putting it all back together. It's looking great. And dusty. All at the same time. I can't wait until the workers are done and we can get in there and clean!!!

So, what does a picnic table have to do with all of this?
Well, the aforementioned demolition meant that there was a bunch of scrap wood laying around from tearing the altar area apart. Adrian, of course, brought it home with him. Our backyard is starting to look like a lumberyard.

We've had these huge pieces of wood laying around for a few weeks, and the children have been begging daddy to build them a clubhouse. So, when he got the saw out of the shed last week, my first thought was that a clubhouse was in the midst of being made.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn, however, that the project he was starting was not a clubhouse, but a picnic table! And, not just some dinky, little picnic table, but a massive one that could fit all of our family plus a few more!!!!

Adrian had lots of help on the project, as you can tell. I think they all had fun helping daddy make this table. And there were only a few splinters that occurred during the building of this table!

Adrian sanded the table and stained it this week. Doesn't it look great? It fits just perfect on our patio. And the children have enjoyed sitting out back (in the shade) and playing games or beading. I think this picnic table is just what our family needed and I see many, many years of enjoyment and use!


Katie Fiene said...

The table is beautiful. Adrian and his helpers do great work.

Shannon M. said...

Love the pictures! I think that is the perfect size for pizza and friends.