June 20, 2011


First of all, I am glad to announce that all of the bananas are gone from my kitchen. Now, if only the nasty little gnats would follow suit and get outta here.

Secondly, this week is Vacation Bible School at our church. If my posts don't entirely make sense, the most likely reason is that my brain is fried from having to wrangle kids all morning. We are studying the book of Daniel and the Babylonian culture. It should prove to be an interesting week.

Thirdly, I'm a little tired of posting recipes for days and days in a row. I figure you all need a break from that. I know I do.
Maybe some humor on a Monday?

Here's a good story to share, just to give you a little peek into life with my kids.

A few days ago, the children decided to play "house". They divided up into families (which I found hilarious), and promptly made the declaration that everyone could choose their own new names and ages. I should also include here that both "families" were missing a mom and a dad. Apparently, in one family, the parents were killed in a car crash. And, in the other family, the parents were killed in a fire. Both seem like rather gruesome endings, and I don't know if I need to fear for my life now or not. But, I think what it came down to, is that nobody wanted to be the parent!
The first family included Joanna, Ben, Peter and Annie. The second family was Sam, Than, Susie and Maggie.

Now, I'd like to argue here, that I like the children's names that we've chosen. I think most of their names fit them pretty well. And, I guess I just figured they were all happy with their names as well. So, when it was announced that new names could be given out, I was intrigued to see just who would decide to change their name.
It should come as no surprise that Ben and Peter were the first ones to pipe up. Peter yelled out, "My name is Tony! And, I'm 10 years old!" Second was Ben, not to be outdone, yelling, "If Pete is Tony, then my name is Donny, and I'm 18 years old!" ( silence ) "Wait, I don't know how to drive yet. Maybe I'll just be 12 years old." And, almost in sync with each other, both Ben and Pete agreed that Annie should now be named Joey.

Now, the first question to ask here is this. Have Ben and Peter been watching the Sopranos late at night without us knowing? Why are they picking Mafiaesque names? Or, even worse, has someone introduced them to The New Kids On The Block? Should I be worried now about Ben wanting to wear Calvin Klein undies?

The next child to change their name was Maggie, who (no surprise here either) exclaimed, "I'm Cinderella! And I'm 3 years old!" Hmmm... I guess that's close enough to reality.

The other children all kept their names, except ages were changed, jobs were given out, and the game continued... In fact, the game continued for almost an hour, with minor inter-family disagreements. I even think some mudpies were made and baked on the sidewalk.
And, just so you know, the game didn't end with a whole family being shot to death and thrown in the river. I think it came down to boys wanting to play baseball and the girls wanting to do some girly thing.

It was good to see them using their imaginations and having fun together. Although, every time I look at Ben and Pete, I can't help but think of Donny and Tony... And, I wonder, just what are we in store for in the future with those two???? 

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