June 13, 2011

Bananarama Bo Bama....

Bananarama Fo Fama, Mi My Mo Rama.... BANANA!

I have a very generous friend, who also has a very generous friend, who gifted her with a whole box of organic bananas. You read that right. A WHOLE BOX.

So, because my friend realized that A WHOLE BOX of bananas is really quite a lot of bananas, she asked me if I would like some. To which I replied, "Oh boy! Great! We love bananas!" Which is totally true. My children love to eat bananas and even our one year old can muster up the word, "Banana" when she wants to eat one.
But, A WHOLE BOX of bananas is quite a bit of bananas. And so is HALF A BOX of bananas. More than I had anticipated.
We've eaten our fill of bananas this past week. I'm sure that our potassium levels have to be out of this world. And, as we've watched our bananas grow spots the past few days, I realized that we are running out of time to eat these wonderful, free bananas. And, now we're moving onto the time when these bananas need to be made into other things, like banana bread and pie and muffins and cake.

So, lucky for you, this week on the blog will be all about bananas! Because, frankly, my bananas are starting to drive me bananas. I've had these yucky little gnats buzzing all around my kitchen for the past few days...

So, get your bread pans out, your pie plates ready, your muffins tins greased. It's time to bake!

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Shannon M. said...

Banana smoothies? I just had 3 pesky brown bananas I couldn't throw out turn into a really great loaf of bread.