June 27, 2011

8 in 48

I'm stealing this idea from my friend Jan. She does a "10 in 10" every now and again. Her posts feature 10 beautiful pictures... things that had happened in 10 hours or so. I'm going in a little different direction, mostly because my pictures aren't beautiful, and posting a long blog about 8 random things that happened this past weekend, maybe even accompanied by some not so wonderful photos. So, it's not quite "10 in 10", but more like "8 in 48". I don't know if that sounds so catchy, but it is what it is...

1. Sitting in bleachers, watching little boys play baseball, can cause permanent nerve damage. I know this because it has happened to me.

       I'm sure that being pregnant hasn't helped this situation. Also, having two games (each 1 hour 45 minutes long), back to back, probably doesn't help.
       After sitting through one whole game, I tried to stand up, only to realize that I had no feeling in either one of my legs, or my backside. I think I'm still feeling effects from this a few days later.

2. I hate driving in the mountains. It scares me to death.

     Saturday, our eldest boy Samuel, had a baseball game early in the morning. It was in Evergreen, which meant I had to load up the van and drive up I-70, into the mountains with the 7 kids because Adrian had already left early to take Sam. I am a land-lover. A flat-land lover. I love the mountains too (once we're to our destination), but I hate driving up and down them.
      When I drive in the mountains, I have horrible visions of me driving off a cliff to our death. I have crazy thoughts about the brakes going out in our van and me having to use the emergency lane, but then still, somehow, me driving off the cliff to our death. I have panic attacks of our big, heavy van, losing control around a curve or steep hill and then careening off the side of the mountain to our death. Catch the theme here?
       My knuckles were white and beads of perspiration were on my face while I drove, but we made it up and down the mountain without falling off the side of a cliff. No pictures to show the glory of my driving abilities, because that probably would have caused me to drive off the side of the mountain.

3. Little League Baseball. Play fair. Play nice.

       We play to win. Okay, maybe Sam and Than don't always play to win, but I am always hoping for a win. I can't help myself. I like our team to be in first place. It's this competitive thing I've always had that courses through my veins. Ask anyone who played soccer with me during college, and they'll tell you that I liked to win. I hated to lose. But, I'm fairly quiet in the stands. I try to stay in control and remind myself that it's only a game. Only a game... only a game....

       Sam's team has done well this year, but they've hit a rough patch. I hope we can keep it together enough to take the league championship. But, even if they can't, I'm going to tell myself that it doesn't matter. And, truly, it doesn't matter. Because, I'm ready for baseball to be over with for the summer.

       Than's team has been in a hot streak lately, winning the last four ball games. It's great to see them winning a few now and also understanding the game of baseball a little better.

4. Elk wander into Denver and pretend to be cement statues. Seriously, if they weren't munching grass, you'd think they were hideous lawn ornaments.

       These elk were huge. And they had velvet on their antlers. They were awesome to see. And, strangely enough, they were smack in the middle of a neighborhood, only a block away from the field where Than had a game.
       I tried to make Joanna go stand by the fence so I could get a picture with her close to elk, but she's too proper. She went into some dialogue about how the game warden told them at Hunter's Safety class not to get too close to elk because they can trample you and blah, blah, blah.... Safety schmafty. So, I got out of the van and walked pretty close to them. They didn't flinch. And, why would they? They had to keep the disguise up that they were lawn ornaments. Otherwise, the neighbors might call animal control.

5. Racing hermit crabs is the newest, hottest trend.

       After Than's ball game, we all needed to cool down. It was hot. The umpires were lousy. Our tongues were parched.
       One of the coaches owns a bar in Lakewood, called Paradise Cove. Go there if you want a beer and a hamburger. It's a nice place and they are nice people. They offered the boys and their families free ice cream! Who can pass that up? So, we took our kids to the bar this weekend. Aren't we great parents?
       They also offer up a crazy activity that suits kids and adults alike. Hermit crab racing. Bet you didn't know those little suckers are fast when they get sprayed with water, did ya? Well, I certainly didn't. If I had known that hermit crabs could be so fun, I would've tried harder to keep ours alive when we had it.

6. Church softball is intense.

       Well, not really. It is supposed to be fun. And relaxing. However, I'm not sure it ever happens that way. These boys like to win as well. And they've been having a rough season. So, maybe the only thing intense about it is how quickly they can make it to the cooler with the beer in it after the game.

7. Swimming is a great way to cool down after an intense church softball game.

       Maybe I need to rephrase that. Swimming is a great way to cool down after an intensely HOT church softball game. That ball field looked and felt like the Sahara Desert to me. Not that I wandered onto it or anything. I was in the dugout, taking pictures and hiding in the shade. But, it sure looked hot out there.
       So, we headed to the pool afterwards for some relief. I'm glad we did. The children instantly became less cranky and Adrian and I had some time to relax a bit together. Because that rarely happens.

8. Ants are gross.

       We unearthed an ant pile, a little outside of our 48 hours, accidentally. They were angry at us. They tried to climb up my leg and bite me. It was terrifying! Seriously, have any of you seen Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull? I was afraid they might try to carry me off for lunch.
       They were big ants.
       After steering clear from their path, we watched as they tried to scurry around and carry their larvae into safety. It was a good homeschooling moment. You know, the kind of moment when the kids are totally intrigued by nature and being mini-entomologists. That is, until one of the children declared we should pour scalding hot water on them to make them die. That was perhaps more of a Wild Kingdom moment.

That was our weekend in a nutshell. Crazy. Busy. Fun.




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Shannon M. said...

I like the 8 in 48 idea. If only I could stop putting my camera back in the bag.