May 11, 2011

Nathanael and Ben

Nathanael and Benjamin celebrated their birthday's this past week.
Are you tired of hearing about birthday's at our house yet?

And, now it's time for a great big, fat, lousy mother award....

I can't find a single picture taken from Nathanael's birthday. I keep telling myself it's on a memory card somewhere.
What am I going to do when, 20 years from now, I finally have the time to put together scrapbook albums for the children and I don't have a single picture from his 9th birthday? Will it even matter 20 years from now? Will this seemingly innocent mistake send my child to counseling for part of his adult life? I hope not. Maybe the smart thing to do is forsake the scrapbook albums all together.

I did manage to get a few pictures from Ben's birthday, here they are.

At least I can say that we did have cake and candles for both of their birthday's. And, we did do a fair amount of "Happy Birthday" singing. And, each of them came away with gifts and cards....
Does any of that count?

Happy Birthday to my big boys, Nathanael and Benjamin! We love you dearly!

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Shannon M. said...

So is Ben no longer officially a little?