May 11, 2011


If I only had more time in the day.... I would probably take a nap. Just being honest.

If I had a tenth of the creativity of some of the ladies at our church, I might just forgo that nap.
Nah... who am I kidding?

Regardless, we are very blessed to have some enormously talented and creative people in our congregation. And, they are extremely generous and kind to our family. We love each of our members and consider them to be our extended family.

Around Easter, one of our talented ladies at church, whose name is Winnie, sewed these cute little aprons for the girls.
Maggie's has a "M" embroidered on the front. And, you wouldn't believe how tiny the apron for Annie is! But, it fits her just perfect!
The girls have them hanging on hooks by our kitchen and have been busy helping me bake things lately. It's great!

Now, I just need to ask Winnie if she can make me a cute little apron to match!

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Shannon M. said...

Me too, Me too! I love the polka-dot theme.