May 9, 2011


The month of April was a blur. Busy. Crazy. Cold.

We celebrated the Princess (Maggie's) birthday at the beginning of the month. Don't ask me the details about it, because I simply can't remember too much. But, at least I have a few photos to share...

I don't seem to have any pictures of Maggie and her birthday cake... I'm hoping my memory serves me correctly and one of our friends has those pictures on their camera... otherwise, we don't have much to show from Magglio's third birthday!

Then, it was time for baseball games to begin.
Baseball seems to be taking up all the free time on our calendar these days. I like the game of baseball. I am happy the boys have an activity that helps them to burn some energy off. I am glad they are making new friends and learning new skills. But baseball in April is cold. And I'm not fond of coldness. So.... I guess I'm glad it's not April anymore.
Baseball is one of our main activities in the summertime. I'm sure I will eventually have a post about it on here...

Then, Holy Week and Easter hit.
I'll leave it to your imagination what our house looked like that week.

Here we are an hour or so after church was over. The kids were starting to come unraveled. Annie had already fallen asleep and Susie had a major case of the grumps. But we still tried for a family photo.

One of our church members invited us to her house for dinner. It was wonderful! Plus, we were given leftovers to take home, which was great!

Then, someone got a hold of my camera and started taking pictures. It was pretty interesting to see ALL of the photos I had when we got home!

Of course, there was an Easter egg hunt, and then shorty thereafter we went home. The children were exhausted! Maggie fell asleep in the car on the way home (about 4:30pm) and didn't wake up until 7:00am the next day!

Now, I think that catches me up on the month of April.
Was that kind of "cheating" to put all of this together in one post?


Shannon M. said...

Oh my goodness I've been meaning to tell you that I brought Maggie's birthday present home and it's still sitting inside the door at our apt. I already miss you all, TONS! I'm so happy you're blogging again.

Angelique said...

I have pics from Maggie's b-day which includes one of her blowing out her candles. I'll get them to you soon...relatively soon. :)