April 19, 2011


Our big boy, Sam, was the next to celebrate a birthday in March.

"Birthday Season", as I've come to refer to it, at our house can be maddening. It's balloons, cake, wrapping paper, gifts... Then, a week later, you do it all over again.

However, when you are turning 10 years old it's a lot different than a birthday party for a one year old.
You already know what gifts they would like because they've been telling you since Christmas...
Also, you know that the second their eyes open in the morning, you had better be ready to start singing and celebrating. It's expected of you.

So, this is how Sam's birthday started out.

Sam is dressed. Maybe all the boys are, but the girls are still in their pajamas. With messy hair. And scowls on their faces. But, hey, there is a birthday to be celebrated! No time for sleeping!!!
I think the "fog" in this picture is mostly due to the cooking of bacon. And the sun streaming through our window in the morning is intense.

We started a tradition in our house a few years ago which we call "Birthday Breakfast". The kids get to pick out what they would like for their special breakfast, then they get to open their gifts right away.
It's worked out great because.... 1. We are always together at breakfast time, but who knows about the rest of the day. 2. The kids get to open their presents and aren't harassing you about it all day long 3. You get to see if their toys actually survive the first 24 hours....

Sam is a baseball player. And, this year his big gifts were new baseball cleats to fit his huge, gorilla-sized feet and a bat bag. I was hopeful that the bag would help him keep his baseball gear in one place. Not so sure it's worked how I thought it would...

The girls also made him a card with some little pom-pom creatures inside. They were cute until Annie decided to destroy them.

Later that night, our friends Minna, Dwayne and their kids (who are also our neighbors), came over to celebrate with Sam.
Minna made this beautiful salad, complete with carrot roses. It was so pretty and so delicious that it deserved a spot in this post...

Happy Birthday Sam! I can hardly believe my little baby boy is ten years old. And has giant feet. And a giant stomach. I'm afraid you're going to grow into them.....

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