April 20, 2011

Put Me In The Zoo

Since the Gayheart's were visiting us, we decided it was a good week for field trips!

One of the first places we went to was the Denver Zoo.
I love the zoo. I could go anytime. Just ask me, and I'll go with you. It's always been one of my favorite places to go. I drag my children there, just so I have an excuse to go...

Did I hear you say that you'd like a "virtual tour" of the Denver Zoo?!? Great!  Here we go...

Here we have the kangaroos. They usually lay around and do nothing. However, they were up and hopping around this morning, so I tried to get them in action.

The elephants are one of the best animals to view. The zoo keeper had just given them hay to eat, so we stood around, watching the elephant use her trunk to scoop the hay in her mouth.
It was reminiscent of toddlers trying to eat by themselves.

With the penguins, you never know what you're going to get. Either they sit in their little caves and hide from you, or they put on a swimming extravaganza. We were fortunate enough to see them swimming.
Don't let the water fool you... it smelled like fish-o-rama. But, still fun to watch the penguins.

Brown bear, brown bear what do you see? I see a rock staring at me.....
I think all of the bears were napping this particular morning.

Here is Peter, wrangling a rattler. Good thing it's just a bronze replica of a rattler, or that snake would be in big trouble.

Sam, and his friend, the orangutan. For whatever reason, this fella just kept laying by the window looking up at us. Perhaps he was staring at all the kids on the other side of the glass and thinking, "I'm in a cage, but they let all those kids run free?"

Nathanael and his gorilla buddy. The kids love to climb all over those bronze statues at the zoo.

Sherm and Brittney pose with my own set of little monkeys. Think I'm kidding? You just need to come over and see those two in action....

Time to take a carousel ride! I'm glad that Brittney was along, because I'm not a big fan of the carousel, but the kids love it.

Finally, it was time to eat lunch. We find a semi-shady spot behind the carousel, where there was a bench and a rope fence to sit on. Unfortunately, the fence wasn't strong enough to hold Joanna and Sam at the same time....

The day was sunny and hot and the kids were exhausted by the time we left. But, I think we all had a fun time! Thanks for coming with us Gayheart's!

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