April 19, 2011

My Birthday

My birthday was the next to come.
All I can say is that it's not so fun to count how old I am anymore.

It was a great day. In fact, it was a great week, because our old friends from Indiana flew out to be with us for a whole week! And, it just so happened, that the morning they flew in was my birthday!

Can you see what that is in the middle of the table? If you guessed Danish bakery, you are correct! My most favorite danish of all... the apricot strudel. Mmmmm.....

The Gayheart's were good sports. They all had smiles on their faces, even though they had been awake since 3:30am that morning!!!

I received so many wonderful gifts. A new lemonade pitcher, a fancy cribbage board ( I haven't won a single game yet), and perhaps the best birthday gift an old farm girl who now lives in the city could get.... A NEW COMPOSTER!!!!

Here the guys are, putting it together for me. I was so excited that I started peeling carrots that very moment!

The only trouble was, they couldn't quite squeeze it out the door. Not like Carla or I didn't try to tell them that as they were putting it together. We were reassured that it would fit no problem....
Eventually, it made it's way out the sliding doors. I think they had to lift one of the doors out. The important thing is, I don't still have a composter sitting in the living room.

We had "Surf and Turf" for supper. It was amazing. I've never eaten so much food at one sitting in a long, long time...

These were huge crab legs. And tasty crab legs. I now have a deeper appreciation for the men on the show, Deadliest Catch.

The steak was just as wonderful tasting. And, of course, I couldn't pass it up either.

Grilled asparagus, because you should always have a vegetable when you gorge yourself with meat.

My new lemonade pitcher. You didn't think it was a dinky, little thing, did you? Cause this lemonade pitcher can hold 3 gallons of lemonade!

My birthday was fun. The company was great and the food was wonderful.

We did have cheesecake and carrot cake for dessert, but somehow I missed getting a picture of those. Probably because I was passed out on the couch from eating too much!

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Shannon M. said...

That is two years in a row with guests in from out of town. It looks like you had a great day.