April 21, 2011

Bird Nest Treats

The Bird's Nest 
by William Lisle Bowles

In yonder brake there is a nest;
But come not, George, too nigh,
Lest the poor mother, frightened thence,
Should leave her young, and fly!

Think with what pain, for many a day,
Soft moss and straw she brought;
And let our own dear mother's care
Be present to our thought.

And think how must her heart deplore,
And droop with grief and pain,
If those she reared, and nursed, and loved,
She ne'er should see again.

Joanna loves nature. Since the time she was a little girl, playing in the dirt and mud has fascinated her. Earthworms, roly poly's, ladybugs, fireflies, crickets.... you name the bug, she's probably had it in her bug cage (or in our house) at one time.
She also loves leaves, rocks, flowers and weeds, pine cones and bird's nests.
Rusty tin, broken glass pieces, pieces of bone (which disgust me), and empty bullet shells.
The list could probably go on and on....

The treasure this time was an old, empty bird's nest. She found it while playing during one of our Homeschool outings.
Right now, I believe it is sitting in one of our trees. Joanna was hopeful that another bird would come along and find it to be a good place to live. I guess we'll just have to wait and see if any sparrows choose it.

And, since this is Spring, and Easter is just days away, we decided to make our own edible bird nest's at home. Peter actually was the first to bring this treat home from preschool last week, and we knew that we had to make some more for the rest of us.

 The ingredient list is pretty simple. Chow mein noodles, butterscotch chips, jelly beans and peeps (if you want to put a chick on instead of jelly beans).
Melt your butterscotch chips (I put in about 1 T. of Crisco, just to thin it a little), stir in your chow mein noodles, and form them into little bird nest's on a greased baking sheet. Plop your jelly beans in the middle to look like eggs, or your peeps, or both if you make them big enough.
Let them cool and harden, then slide them off the cookie sheet!

Here you have it.... a bird nest that isn't full of dirt and bugs! An edible spring treat that is so easy your two year old can help make them.
Have a blessed Maundy Thursday.

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