March 4, 2011

Heavenly Jalapeno

Move over Cheetos.... there's a new favorite vice in my kitchen.

It might even be called (gasp!)....
low in calories!

Dare I say it?
Yummy to eat!

And, just so you know that I warned you .....

It has some long, Greek name. So let's just rename it, "Heavenly Jalapeno Dip".

You can dip your tortilla chips in it.
You can dunk your veggies in it.
You can use it as a sandwich spread.
You could just gobble it by the spoonful....

It's my new favorite condiment. You can find it at Costco. I am fortunate enough to have a kind friend who likes to keep me chubby well-rounded.  She brought this over a few days ago and I finally had to hide it in our fridge so I wouldn't eat anymore.

Otherwise, I might have tried to eat it for breakfast this morning with some granola on top.
It is yogurt, after all.....

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