March 11, 2011



My house is apparently full of them.

We cannot seem to escape sickness lately. It's stealthy.

The germs, lay around, waiting. Stalking us. Looking for a weak moment when they can attack. Then, with no mercy, they lay us flat on our backs. For days.
Ginger ale, 7-up, Sprite. The drink of choice in our home lately.
Saltine crackers and toast. It's what's for dinner.....

The children and I cleaned the upstairs of our house with bleach water yesterday. We will do the lower levels today. Is this a futile attempt on our part? Will the enemy prove to be stronger than us?
We can only wait and see....

In the meantime, I deal with piles of laundry... crawling with the germies.
I rememer, fondly, the days where we were able to finish school work and chores without a child racing to the bathroom. Those wonderful days we used to have that didn't include a fever.

Kyrie Eleison.
Lord, have Mercy on us!!!!

The sun is shining today. The birds are singing.
We will open our windows and welcome the fresh air in.
There is a sense of spring in the air.....

We are going to beat this crud! No more germs allowed in this house! I've had it with sickness!!!!!

Time to run.... another child heading for the bathroom.....

Please, Lord, take away the germs!