February 3, 2011

Wrestle Mania 2011

Watch out all you WWF bad boys. The real deal has come to town.

That's right.

I know you're quivering in your little spandex wrestling shorts.
Wait, can they really be called shorts? Aren't they more like undies?
But, I digress.....

Last night, because we had nothing too much better to do, we had some wrestling in front of the fire.
Because that's what city folk do.

The children love to wrestle with Dad. And, although it becomes entirely too loud and probably a little dangerous, I let them. It's great fun.

You see, the whole point is to NOT get pinned. Because, that means tickling. Although I'm not sure that the children don't try to get pinned. It's fun, yet painful to endure. Kind of like the ballet.

If you look closely, you'll see that Annie's pacifier is on the floor. That means Annie is somewhere in the mix, but you can't see her in this photo.

You still can't see her in the photo, but she's there. On the floor. Laughing. And, I even think that good ole' Titus is smiling and trying to get in on the fun.

This carried on for a while. We had tournaments, to see who was the Ultimate Wrestler.
 I think Joanna was undefeated.
(All I can say is, she has a little bit of a mean streak in her...)

Hopefully Denver will figure out soon that it's not Fargo, ND and the temperature will warm up. Until then, I think Wrestle Mania is here to stay for a few nights.


Katie Fiene said...

Wrestling is a favorite in the Fiene household.
Go Joanna!

Linda said...

Katie, with 3 little boys, I'll bet that you have wrestling matches every day!!!
I'm not really sure that wrestling ever gets old, especially for boys. Adrian and his brothers are still known to enjoy this activity!