February 23, 2011

Memories (Part II)

Remember how I mentioned a while ago that I was going to write down a few memories I have of my father?
Well, here I am again.

My dad used to always, always tell me to keep the gas tank in my car above one quarter of the tank.

I would get in trouble if it wasn't.

I suppose this was just simply good sense to do, especially when you live in the country and the closest gas station is miles away.
Or, in the winter time, when you never knew if your car would get stuck on a road somewhere. It was good to have a gas tank with some amount of gas in it.

To this day, I go into a panic if Adrian tries to drive the van and the gas tank is under 1/4 of a tank.

I tell him, "NO! You need to stop at the gas station and get gas. It needs to be filled!"

His reply is usually, "Calm down woman! What is your obsession about having the gas tank full?"

I suppose life is different when you live in a big city. We have gas stations that surround us. There isn't such a need to always have the tank on full.
Unless your car has a problem keeping track of the correct amount of gas in your vehicle (like ours does).
Then, you might be cruising along the interstate on half a tank one minute (didn't that gauge say we had half a tank over two hours ago?) and go to zero with lights blinking and sensors dinging in no time.

I can't handle that scenario.

The farmer girl in me screams out, "GET SOME GAS IN THIS CAR!"

Because, the last thing you want to have happen, is to have your car run out of gas.

You can ask my husband if that has ever happened to him.

I can tell you that it has never, ever happened to me.

Mostly because I have an obsession with the gas tank being full, thanks to my father's advice many, many years ago.

Keep on truckin' people. Just remember, keep your gas gauge at least 1/4 full.

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