February 11, 2011

Memories (Part I)

Lately, I've been thinking quite a bit about my father.

For one, it's hard to believe that 3 months have passed since I first flew back to be with my family as dad lay, dying, in the ICU. I've played over those tense days in my mind, trying not to forget the little details. I'm always afraid of forgetting things, because I tend to have a terrible memory. I run over the same little things in my mind, day after day, and I think it's starting to wear on me. So, I'm just going to get them out of my head, write them down here, and hope that it helps me to not obsess about forgetting.

The first thing I hope to not forget about, regarding my father:

My dad had freckles.

I know, this may seem silly to announce to the world. Bear with me. For the longest time, I've been trying to figure out why some of our children have freckles on their noses and arms and legs. Did you know that freckles tend to be inherited genetically? Adrian and I aren't full of freckles. And, although I haven't had the chance to examine my in-laws for freckles, I had plenty of opportunity to stare at my father for 10 days. And notice freckles. On his face. On his arms. And, by golly, on his legs.

Aha! I found the genetic culprit! Or at least one of them... And, so, this information I will share with my children when they ask about their freckles. "Did you know that my dad had freckles, just like you?" And, hopefully, with my grandchildren one day. It seems strange to think about freckled grandchildren already, but I sure am hoping we have at least a few of them!

One of my "freckly" children.

Ahhhh... already my heart feels lighter and there is a little more space in my brain for something else to fill that spot.
Now, I need to get busy tending to those freckled wonders of mine.
Until next time....

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