February 7, 2011

Crayon Hearts

"My heart melts for you"

"You color my world"

"I Heart You"

When you see corny sayings, like the ones above, you know what time of year it is.

Valentine's Day.

It's just around the corner. Seven days from now in fact.
At our house, that means it's time to get busy.
Because, with 8 children, we have a ton of Valentine's to make for friends and family.

Now, dear family and friends, if any of you are reading this.... you will most likely see one of your Valentines. You're going to have to just act surprised when they come in the mail.

Of course, since your Christmas presents are still on the counter in the kitchen, you most likely won't see your Valentines until July anyway.
In, which case, you will have long forgotten about them..... (again, Sorry! I promise to send those pkgs. at some point).

One of the easiest, most fun Valentine crafts that we tackled this year were Crayon Hearts.

The motivation was simple.

I have a lot of children in the house who like to peel the wrapper off crayons.
And break crayons.
So, those two things combined, make our crayon box look terrible.
But, because I can't throw anything away, I kept them because they still colored.
And, I knew that I would find a project for them somewhere down the line.

So.......... if you have a bunch of cruddy looking crayons, this is something you should do!!!!

Step 1:  Peel the wrapper off crayons.

As you can see, the princess is my number 1 crayon wrapper peeler at the moment. She will sit for hours and do this.
Ben was good at sorting through the crayons and looking for the ones that the princess had already unwrapped. There were quite a few.....

Step 2:  Cut your crayons in little pieces and put them in a heart shaped muffin tin.

Of course, if you don't have a heart-shaped muffin tin you could just use a mini-muffin tin or regular muffin tin. The options are endless I suppose.

We filled our tin up to the top with cut crayons. This is important because it will give you a nice, thick crayon at the end.
Also, we weren't careful with color combinations. We just threw 'em in!

Place this pan in the oven at 250 degrees for about 15-20 minutes. Just until your crayons have all melted together.
Be careful when taking the pan out of the oven so you don't mess up the swirling color combinations. 

Step 3:  Let your crayons cool and then "pop" them out of the pan!

You will end up will beautiful, heart-shaped crayons like these!
What a great way to turn those yucky crayon pieces into a special gift for your special Valentine!

1 comment:

Shannon M. said...

That is such a cool idea! I have something similar in storage at home. Really, I can't throw crayons away either. Now, I want to dig them out and do this... do you think I'll remember when I do find them again? <3