February 8, 2011

Boyish Valentines

When my boys found out that they were going to be making Valentine cards, they almost went into hysterics.

"What? Do I have to use pink paper?" "Ewww..."

"I'm not going to say "I Love You" on it or anything mushy like that."

"This is for girls to do...."

Can you tell that the men in this family like to be men? There is no room for pink, or even a hint of pink, when it comes to things that my boys do.

So, this put me in a bit of a predicament.
Valentine's Day is, after all, about a bunch of mushy, pinkish stuff. Right?

I wasn't going to let the boys off the hook.
They were going to make Valentine cards, and they were even going to use pink.
It just was going to be disguised as something boyish.

I did a fair amount of searching on the Internet.
I didn't want it to be complicated because I wanted them to do it all by themselves.
I also didn't want it to scream, "VALENTINE'S!!!!" .... because I was trying to disguise it, remember?

So, here are two examples of what we came up with.

The first is a rocket ship Valentine.
We found the idea on Family Fun website.

First, you need some candy. They suggested using Spree or SweeTarts, but Air Heads are cheaper and not as much candy... I think.
If you are really crazy, I suppose you could use candy bars too.

We had some whole Air Head bars, but then ran out and had to buy the bag of little Air Heads. That works, you just have to tape two of them together.

Then you need paper to wrap the candy in. We cut them into 3 1/2 x 5 inch pieces.
Also, you need to design a "flame" for the tail of the rocket and a triangle for the tip of the rocket.
We took a 2 inch wide strip of paper and folded it in half and cut it that way.

Everything is held together by tape.
Wrap the candy in paper. Tape it.
Put the "flame" on the end. Tape it.
Put the triangle for the tip. Tape it.

You end up with some pretty cool rocket Valentine gifts. And, these don't even have a trace of pink in them!

We also designed a Heart and Arrow Valentine.

I had some old Valentine themed pencils that I picked up on clearance last year.
We brought them out and Sam designed a fletching... I guess that's what you call the end of the arrow where the feather or plastic things are.
I just figured he knew what he was talking about....

Then we cut out some hearts. Notice, Sam is not using pink, or red, or purple paper. It's blue.
This was the only way I could talk him into cutting out hearts.
BOYS!!! Honestly.....

However, I did get him to dress up the heart with some red plaid paper.
Then, you need a hole puncher to make two punches in the heart. One at the top and then one toward the bottom, on an oblique line...(I can thank Saxon Math for my knowledge of line segments....) ... or at an angle for those of you non-Saxon mathers.

And this is your finished Valentine gift. Manly with a touch of Valentine in it.
Perfect for those hardcore boys of yours.

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Katie Fiene said...

Great idea. You know I'll be needing these ideas soon. We don't do pink in our house either.