February 16, 2011


Since birthday season is right around the corner at our house, I'm getting ready to start weeping over how big all our babies are getting.
I can hardly believe a year has passed already.
Our baby, who can still actually be labeled as a baby, is soon to be growing out of babyhood.
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!

I know I shouldn't sob at this turn of events. It's always exciting to watch the children grow. But, I love babyhood and toddlerhood the best. And, we're quickly wrapping up those days in our household...

So, since Annie and Maggie are at the height of cuteness right now, I thought I'd share a few of their antics with you.

One of Annie's favorite things to do lately is get a hold on the toilet paper roll and pull. It just keeps coming, and coming, and coming. She also loves to then shred that toilet paper into tiny bits of confetti. It will keep her amused for a long time and makes a wonderful mess for me to clean up.

But, since I've "wised up" to her antics, and the toilet paper is less available for her to get into, she has now found a new favorite activity:

She uses her chubby little baby fingers to push the button on the baby wipes container. I'm not sure who showed her how to do this, but I'm assuming she learned the technique from one of her older siblings...

                 Voila! The baby wipes box magically opens up and now the fun can begin!!!

They just keep coming, and coming, and coming! It's so much fun! And, she won't stop until every single baby wipe is out of that container.

It must be an inherited disorder. I do the same thing with a bag of Cheetos....

Annie and Maggie have also started to really play together well.

It always amuses me how little girls just love to play with babies... even when they themselves are babies!
I think it shows that girls have that need to nurture inside of them from the very beginning.

And Annie is intrigued by everything on the dolls. She likes to poke them in the eyes, ears and noses.
It's kind of funny, because all of our children have done the very same thing when they see a newborn baby. They go for the eyes first.

I love my chubby little baby. And, soon she will be 1 year old.
My, how time flies...........

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Shannon M. said...

Happy Birthday Annie! I knew this blog was coming. This morning before I opened my Google Reader I was thinking about how her birthday is coming up and immediately thought Wow!, this year has flown by. (In this sense only ;-))