January 18, 2011

Send in the Clowns

Well, Day 1 of "being productive" went okay. I finally managed to remove myself from the computer chair and tend to a few things around the house.

First things first, I ate that pesky chocolate marshmallow snowman who's been hanging around the kitchen since Christmas. It was time for him to go. Secondly, I was able to get all the laundry washed, folded and put away. (Not a small feat when you consider that I do laundry for 10 people). I fed the children, courtesy of King Soopers ready-made sub sandwiches, and put the littles down for naps. Then, the older four and I sat down for a few hours to hammer out some school assignments.

We've been in a little bit of a "funk" lately with school. First, my father's illness and death  disrupted normal school life. Then Christmas came. We kind of got used to being lazy. I decided, yesterday, that we were going to get back in the saddle and cowboy up. So, one of the children's last assignments for the day was to write a paragraph about a subject. Our grammar books suggest writing topics, which is sometimes helpful and other times just strange. Joanna's writing topic was.... "Why I Would/Would Not Like to Be a Circus Clown". Seriously? Who's coming up with this stuff? Regardless, we trudged on, not wanting to be slackers.

Joanna's essay turned out to be so amusing to me that I felt it just had to be published.

Why I Would Not Like to Be a Circus Clown  by Joanna Sherrill
     Being a circus clown would not be very fun. Although people may like being one, I would choose a different job. Circus clowns are laughed at by lots of people, they wear uncomfortable clothes and makeup, and they throw pies at each other.
     One of the reasons I would not like to be a circus clown is that they are laughed at by lots of people. In other jobs you might get laughed at by others, but when you are a clown you are getting laughed at by hundreds of people. The second reason is that when you are a circus clown, you have to wear really uncomfortable clothes and makeup. Unless you work at a movie studio or a very fancy restaurant, you usually don't have to wear lots of makeup and uncomfortable clothes. The third reason is that clowns are always throwing pies at each other. The pies would probably get stuck on your clothes and when you tried to wipe it away it would just smear your makeup, go down your shirt, or get caught in your wig. This would just make people laugh at you even more!
      These are the main reasons that I don't ever want to be a circus clown. If I had to be a clown, I guess I would choose to be a rodeo clown. They can do flips and be friends with cowboys.

The end.

Pretty convincing, huh? As a mother, I too, am hopeful that she doesn't grow up to be a circus clown. I've always been just a little creeped out by them......

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