January 11, 2011

Cool Runnings

Okay, I know that Denver isn't as warm as Jamaica is in the winter. However, we have seen a fair amount of sunshine and zero snow. Until yesterday. Then the white, powdery precipitation fell in inches. Finally.

Six to eight inches of snow?

So, because we stayed in the house all day yesterday, the children had to go out and play today. It was still cold, even though Denver is full of sunshine, so everyone had to bundle up.
Dad had the great idea of sledding and so off we went, with neighbor kids in tow, to a sledding hill near our house. Hardly anyone else was there. It was sledding mania!

First, instructions had to be given and a packed-down path had to be made. A few practice runs down the hill were made.

Watch out for the trees boys! If you look closely, you'll see a sign that says, "No Sledding". Oops.

It's the girl's turn. These inflatable tubes just sailed down the hill. They work much better than any plastic sled we have. As you can see, Dad got his work-out in for the day!

Two cute little snow bunnies! We had to bundle up because it was cold outside! Thanks Grandma for the new coats!

Annie was the only one who didn't get to go sledding. It's just too cold and she's too little. Maybe next year.

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