December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving.... a week later.

Isn't Thanksgiving dinner one of the best meals of the year? It is one of my most favorite. And I love the meals made from leftover turkey. Oh, and all the pies too. Yum...
However, since we were on the road this past Thanksgiving day, on the way back to Iowa for the funeral, there was no time for turkey preparations. We did pack chicken sandwiches to eat at a rest area off I-80, that was about as festive as it got.

Our neighbors took this into account and, being the kind and generous folk that they are, made us an entire Thanksgiving feast when we arrived home! Now, just so everyone knows, we live in a BIG city... doesn't this sound more like small town behavior? I LOVE it!

I opened the doors to our house, and all of sudden, a flock of people were arriving with different goodies in hand. A turkey (that was delicious) golden-brown, giblet gravy, stuffing, cranberry compote, a huge fruit basket, mashed potatoes, squash, green beans, asparagus, warm bread and two pies which were apple and pecan, and sparkling cider! It was such a wonderful meal and it meant more to us than words can say. So, this year, I am thankful for the wonderful family that God has granted to us. I am thankful for a Christ who guards us each day. And, I am thankful for warm, caring, compassionate neighbors who made us feel very welcomed home indeed!!!
                       All of the wonderful items brought to our table. My neighbors can cook!

                                     Yum! Yum! Yum!

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