December 6, 2010

Peanut Butter Blossoms (my version)

These are one of the easiest, most kid-friendly cookies that we make around Christmas.
The recipe is pretty simple. First, you make some peanut butter cookie dough. I use an old recipe that came from an old German lady in my hometown. After you make the dough, you find some kids that need some type of activity and you recruit them to roll the dough into balls.

Here, I found two princesses roaming the house and one little Jedi master that we'll call Yoda.
This is a familiar pose of Yoda. I think he might be trying to use the force on the girls.

After you have the dough rolled out into neat little balls, you roll them in sugar and place them on the pan to bake in the oven until they are nice and brown and crackly looking.

Then, you need to find another unsuspecting child roaming the house to unwrap a whole bag of Hershey's kisses. We tweak the recipe a bit by using caramel filled kisses.
When the cookies come out of the oven, you place a kiss in the middle of each cookie, pressing down gently. And, that's it!

Don't they look scrumptious? A kid and adult favorite!

Below is the recipe for the best peanut butter cookies on this side of the Mississippi.

1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup peanut butter
1 egg
1 1/2 cups flour
1 tsp. baking soda

Combine the first 4 ingredients and mix well. Add egg to this mixture and mix well. Sift dry ingredients together and add to above mixture. Form into balls about the size of a walnut and roll in sugar. Place on cookie sheet and press with a fork. Bake 10 to 15 minutes at 300 degrees or until nice, golden brown. So, so yummy!!!!


Shannon M. said...

Love the hair cut!

Linda said...

If you keep looking, you'll see that all of us girls had our hair cut. :)

Shannon M. said...

I'll be watching. And making these cookies.