December 8, 2010

How Much Wood, Can a Wood Splitter Split?

At our house, we like to "occasionally" burn a little wood in our fireplace. Okay, okay, we usually always have a fire going in the fireplace. It helps us keep the heating costs down and it makes our home cozy feeling. Plus, the smell that fills the air is something so earthy, so comforting, so welcoming! For that reason, we are always on the lookout for people cutting down trees or giving away wood. It's not a small task to load huge chunks of cut down trees into the truck, only then to have to unload it when we get home and then split it. We usually rent a log splitter, so there is a little bit of money we put into it as well. However, it's totally worth the effort. We have a wood pile in our backyard now that will most likely be enough for this winter and hopefully a little bit left for next winter.

The two oldest boys enjoy using the log splitter. They have been supervised enough that they know to be careful and we are comfortable letting them help.

Peter was out helping too. His main job is helping daddy stack the wood along the fence. His birthday was just last month, and one of his gifts was this coonskin hat. Isn't he cute?

I am thankful that Adrian grew up in Michigan, where there was always lots of wood to gather. He is good at finding us firewood and I think it's one of his favorite chores to do.

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