December 7, 2010


The children love making gingerbread homes. I like for them to enjoy being creative, but this is not one of my most favorite projects. Whose bright idea was it, anyway, to build homes out of cookie dough and frosting? Well, here is a link if you want to read the history behind the making of gingerbread homes.   It is fairly interesting. You see, normal, everyday people like myself didn't even try to construct these things. They left it to a guild. Smart cookies.

So, even though my homes were a bit crooked, and we had to use an unbelievable amount of royal icing to hold these babies together, the children had a fantastic time decorating them!

Gingerbread fun!

Sweet tooth delightment!

Yoda, trying to use the "force" on his gingerbread house.

Adding the finishing touches....
The Charmer and his home, overloaded with gum drops.

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